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Pre And G-1 App Catalogs, Like There Really In Your Hand

Here's a close up look of what the app catalogs on both the Pre and G-1

In the mobile world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Not even 5 years ago would one have thought that we would be able to purchase apps and games right through our touchscreen smartphones. Well now there isn't just one app store, but multiple app stores for each different os). Here is an in depth look at the Pre's App Catalog compared to the store Android runs. (Windows Mobiles will be launched soon)
Upon opening the app catalog on the Pre you get a screen that looks like the one below. This initial screen gives you the option to not only look at the featured applications and games, but also the most popular by download amounts.

Pres Opening Screen For App Store Matthew Lutker

as you scroll down you will see it like this in order which i find to be pretty well laid out overall. The best part about the application store is that they have it broken into very specific groups which will make it easy to find apps that you are looking for unlike some other app stores that have things that you feel would be better suited for a different group. Overall I'm happy with the app store and will get a stronger opinion when more apps are added.

Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker
Matthew Lutker

Androids interface from personal experience is very nice and better than the Pre's at this moment. The reason I say that is because with the Pre's app store you have to click on a certain button to see reviews, than go back after your done and do the same for almost all the features. With Androids layout/interface they have all the information that you could want on the main page so all that is needed is a scroll up or down. The other feature that is nice is when you download it tells clearly on warnings per instance like high data consumer have data package.