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Possible fourth-generation iPhone parts leaked

Earlier this week iPhone repair site iResQ posted photos of what its claims are fourth-generation iPhone parts.

Earlier this week, iPhone repair site iResQ posted photos of what the blog claims are fourth-generation iPhone parts, received "as a sample from a reputable source." The most obvious change in features of the alleged new iPhone is that the front panel--and therefore, the phone--measures nearly a quarter-inch taller than the iPhone 3GS.

Left: iPhone 3GS. Right: iPhone 4G. iResQ

iResQ claims the new iPhone parts contain an LCD that's glued at the factory to the digitizer, which would suggest higher repair costs as both parts will have to be replaced at once (versus the separate LCD and digitizer on the iPhone 3G and 3GS).

The site also notes the presence of a "reflective, mirror-like surface" located above the speaker in the earpiece slot on the iPhone. They speculate that it is probably a spot for a proximity sensor, relocated from previous models. (We question this explanation because such a sensor wouldn't need a mirrored surface.)

What would you think about a larger phone and the effect it might have on your accessories? What do you think the mirrored surface represents? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.