CNET asks: Will the nostalgic Nokia 3310 candy-bar phone win you back?

The Nokia 3310 is back! Updated and long on nostalgia but not nearly as smart as your average smartphone -- is this phone enticing enough for you to buy it?

Lee Koo Community manager / CNET

Return with us now to a time when most cell phones had a standby time of a week. When phone screens were on a grayscale, texting was a fairly new feature, and having a camera on your phone wasn't even a thing. Remember those days?

One cellphone from the turn of the millennium that many of you are probably familiar with is Nokia's popular candy-bar phone, the 3310 (or for some, the 3390). With over 126 million units sold worldwide, chances are good that you might have owned one.

Well, guess what, folks? The Nokia 3310 is b-a-a-a-a-ck! Just announced at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, the Nokia 3310 is high on nostalgia, and it's revamped of course -- with bright colors, super-long battery life, a color screen and a basic camera -- but not so long on smarts. And best of all, it has the super popular Snake game included! (I loved that game! Even if you didn't own a Nokia phone, I'd bet you played it on your friends' or family's phone.)

You may be asking yourself, "Why in the world would Nokia release a dumb phone in today's tech landscape?" While Nokia has its own reasons for producing this phone, we've gotta ask you: while reminiscing about the past is a great thing, is this a phone you'd buy today? Hit the polls and tell us what you think about the classic, yet newly revamped Nokia 3310.

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