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CNET asks: Are you impressed with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Boom! The new Samsung flagship phone has finally been revealed! Are you impressed or disappointed? Are you going to buy it? We want to know.

No more rumors, hearsay or leaks -- the long-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has finally been unveiled. I just watched the live reveal, and the Note 8 is one impressive phone with many new features. If you didn't catch it, no worries: CNET has you covered with pictures galore, a first look with specs, and a video to boot. Check them all out.

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To me it seems like just yesterday that the Note 7's battery fiasco happened. However, for many Note owners, I'm sure the wait for the new Note 8 seems like an eternity -- I feel for ya. The good news is that it's here, and Samsung will be dishing out a fat discount  for previous Note 7 owners if they trade in their current device. That sounds like a win for you folks who went through the recall process and had to settle for another phone, that is, if you are still interested in upgrading.

Now that this Samsung flagship phone has been unveiled and the details are out, we want to take the pulse of our readers on the first impressions you're getting from the new Note 8. Are you impressed or disappointed? Is it all that you had expected and then some, or has it fallen short of your expectations? If you are currently an older Galaxy phone owner, will you be upgrading? And what about those folks who are on other phones -- is the Note 8 compelling enough for you to jump ship? Check out the poll below and see where your vote stands with others. Then when you've made up your mind, express your thoughts and opinions on this new phone in the comments section. We look forward to reading them.