Plantronics Voyager Pro UC now with sensors

Plantronics introduces a headset with sensors.

Aliph wasn't the only headset manufacturer to make an announcement at the D: Dive Into Mobile event. Plantronics introduced a new Bluetooth headset, the Voyager Pro UC. Essentially a rejiggering of its popular Voyager Pro Plus, the new headset now has an intelligent sensor technology which allows it a new set of features.

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC Plantronics

These features include smart call routing, which will route the call to the headset if it senses you're wearing it, or to the phone if you're not. Another feature is "mobility presence" which will change the status of your Skype to "in a call" if you're currently using the headset on another device. The third is "Smart Whisper Alerts" that works with Outlook to "whisper" the subject line and first part of an e-mail from a list of your favorite contacts.

As you might have guessed, the Voyager Pro UC will work with your PC as well as a mobile phone. It comes with a USB adapter if your computer doesn't have Bluetooth. The headset will be available next January.