Plantronics' unveils new Dolby Atmos gaming headphones

Plantronics' upcoming RIG 400LX, RIG 600LX and the wireless RIG 800LX headphones will be compatible with Dolby Atmos surround-sound enabled games on the Xbox One and Windows PC.

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Ahead of next week's E3 video game expo, Plantronics has announced a new partnership with Dolby that brings the Dolby Atmos for Headphones surround-sound experience to three new Plantronics gaming headphones, one of which is wireless. The Plantronics RIG 400LX ($100), RIG 600LX ($130) and the wireless RIG 800LX ($150) headphones will come bundled with codes to activate Dolby Atmos for Headphones for free on your Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC.

A license for Dolby Atmos for Headphones typically costs $15 and is transferrable to whatever PC or console you own -- in other words, it's a one-time fee. Currently, a handful of games, including Overwatch , are Dolby Atmos-enabled, with more on the way.

Plantronics Dolby Atmos-enabled gaming headphones

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Here's what Plantronics has to say about the new headphones, which will be available this fall, with additional Plantronics Atmos-enabled models announced later in the year. As soon as we have a listen, we'll let you know how they sound.  

RIG 800LX Wireless

  • 24-hour battery life and lag-free wireless connection to Xbox One. Amplified sound with matched 40mm drivers brings the soundstage to life.
  • Low frequency resonators reinforce bass and limit distortion. Voice feedback lets you monitor your outgoing chat levels and quality. The noise-canceling microphone ensures your teammates hear you, not the room you're in. When you're done with talk, just flip up the microphone to mute it.
  • Earcup mounted dials let you quickly adjust the balance between game and chat audio, as well as master volume. Choose one of four EQ settings to isolate pure highs, intensify the midrange, enjoy seismic bass or enhance vocal focus.

RIG 600LX and RIG 400LX

  • The wireless RIG 800LX is joined by the amplified RIG 400LX and RIG 600LX headsets for Xbox One this fall. Both models include the LX1 pro level amp with three audio EQ modes, dual analog control-wheels for game/chat balance and an auxiliary input for music.
  • RIG 400LX features 40mm drivers with a noise-canceling boom microphone that's always ready for chat and ensures your teammates hear you loud and clear.
  • RIG 600LX delivers a balanced soundstage with distortion-free bass that drops you in the action without masking the subtle audio cues that keep you in the game.