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Pixel 6 and Snapchat debut Quick Tap to Snap, will add live language translation

The Snapchat camera gets a quick shortcut on the new Pixel 6, and the app plans to add live translations in 10 languages.

The Quick Tap to Snap feature opens the Snapchat camera by tapping the back of the Pixel.


Google's Pixel 6 line is integrating Snapchat directly into the phone, debuting a Quick Tap to Snap feature that makes Snapchat's camera come up by tapping the back of the phone.

The integration is a first for Snapchat, and during Google's Pixel fall event on Tuesday, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said that the app will support several of the Pixel's other enhancements, including live translation in the camera and in chat, the ultrawide-angle lens and exclusive augmented reality lenses. 

The live translation feature will support more than 10 languages, with Snapchat saying the translations will occur in real time.

The announcement comes as part of the reveal of the $599 (£599) Pixel 6 and the $899 (£849) Pixel 6 Pro, in which Google gave a deep dive into the phones, their in-house Tensor chip, the new cameras on the phones and other enhancements coming alongside Android 12.

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