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Confirmed: Google's Pixel 2 phones don't have headphone jacks



I wish it weren't true. But it is. 

Google's just-announced Pixel 2 phones don't have a headphone jack. The 3.5mm connector is missing.

It's not on the top, where Google placed it on last year's Pixel. And it's not on the bottom either, where you'll find the USB-C data/charge port all by its lonesome. The audio jack is simply gone. Google just pulled an Apple -- deleting a port that's still common to find in millions upon millions of devices.

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Smell that? It's the stench of irony. Last year on Oct. 4, it was Google who made fun of Apple for ditching the popular port. "3.5mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new," read the first Pixel ad, followed by a cheeky cough. 

"How could Apple even think of removing a port that's so essential?" that cough said to Google's fanbase, perhaps convincing some iPhone owners to switch as well.


Google's first Pixel announce made fun of Apple for nixing the headphone jack. Now it's coming back to bite them.


Yet one year later, the port is gone -- even though Google's phone looks thick enough to theoretically fit one. 

Why did it do it? Here are some possible answers.

But the question is: Do you care? I do, and it's reason enough for me not to buy a Pixel 2. But you're not me, and I don't blame you if you're OK without a built-in audio jack.

Bluetooth headphones are just fine, albeit sometimes pricier and somewhat harder to use. They require charging. (Audiophiles may feel the audio quality isn't there, but that doesn't necessarily describe everyone who'll read this post.) But ditching cords can be convenient, and perhaps you've already made the switch. And there are always USB-C to 3.5mm audio dongles if you really need one.

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I was under no illusion that the 3.5mm audio jack would last forever. I just figured it'd vanish about the same time as every other port on a phone. When I can buy an all-glass phone with no holes whatsoever -- wireless charging, wireless data, 100 percent waterproof -- I'll gladly take the plunge. 

How about you?