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​Pinterest's Lens tool rolls out to all US users

Now when you must have your neighbor's dining room table, you can snap a picture and (hopefully) learn all about it on Pinterest.

To use Lens, look for the red camera icon at the top right.

You have no idea where that woman sitting at the table next to you got her awesome red boots. You just know you have to have them.

Well, if you snapped a photo, a new Pinterest tool now available to all US users might just make your boot hunt a little more successful.

San Francisco-based Pinterest, a digital scrapbooking site many simply use to learn more about things they like, said Thursday that it's making its Lens feature available to everyone in the US using the iPhone or Android app.

With Lens, you can snap a photo with your phone or use an existing image on your camera roll to find themes and pins related to the photo. Hopefully that will lead you to a place to buy those boots -- or even cooler ones.

The feature was first unveiled in June and arrived in beta to a small group of users early last month. Now it's available stateside, but remains in beta "which means it isn't perfect just yet," Pinterest warned in a blog Thursday.

"It is pretty good with recipe ingredients and outfit ideas. And if you Lens a throw pillow, chair or piece of art over at your friend's house, you should turn up some great ideas," the company wrote. "But Lens is still learning, and doesn't always recognize exactly what you're looking for."

That's the idea behind this and other machine learning tools that get smarter over time. Other reverse image search tools, according to VentureBeat, include Shutterstock, Snaplay, ImageBrief, and TinEye. Google also has a reverse image search tool.