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Photos: Unboxing a demo UK O2 iPhone

Crave was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the UK O2 iPhone before its release tomorrow -- take a gander at our pictures for a closer look at Apple's touch-loving mobile

Last night, under cover of darkness, Crave was sent a pre-launch UK O2 iPhone, in a mysterious white box. Was it a real iPhone? Did it match our expectations, vanquish our fears and make us feel a little more human? Click on, dear readers.

There she is, isn't she a beauty. But is this a real UK iPhone?

No conclusive evidence yet, but you have to admire the packaging.

There's a UK plug with this thing, so it was definitely meant for us -- but what about the iPhone itself?

We were about to turn it on, when we noticed something strange on the back: it says 4GB.

Apple must be using the 4GB iPhones to demo them to retailers and the like. This version will not be available in the UK -- we'll only be able to buy the 8GB one.

The interface is every bit as pretty as the hype makes it out to be, and the touchscreen is very responsive.

Browsing the Web on the iPhone is the closest thing we've found to using a desktop browser on a phone so far.

We just wanted to make double sure it was an O2 iPhone, so we popped the SIM out. It was a little more fiddly than normal and involved a paper clip, but it came out in the end.

The iPhone officially goes on sale this Friday at 6:02pm and you can buy it at Carphone Warehouse, Apple and O2 high street stores, as well as their online stores. If you want to find out more about the iPhone, read our full review of it here.