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Photos: E-TEN Glofiish X600, X800 and M800

Not content with your current smart phone? Enjoy using Windows Mobile? Why not take a peek at the E-TEN Glofiish X600, X800 and M800

Yesterday Crave attended the UK launch of E-TEN's new line-up, which includes the E-TEN Glofiish M800, the X800 (which we reported on in March) and the X600. These oddly named handsets look very similar to HTC devices and pack many of the same features too.

The X600 (pictured), for example, runs on Windows Mobile 6 and features a large colour touchscreen, EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi, a 2-megapixel camera and an expandable microSD slot.

Considering E-TEN managed to squash all these features into a casing that's only 15mm thin, the X600 is a formidable smart phone, although we would have liked to have seen HSDPA (3.5G) and a better camera.

The X800, on the other hand, does offer HSPDA and also packs GPS and Wi-Fi -- but what impressed us even more is the 500MHz processor and VGA display, which together make for a rather slick device. The red details on the casing might not be to everyone's liking, but this is a smart phone with some serious oomph.

If you're thinking the X800 would be even better with a full Qwerty keypad, you'll be glad to know that the last smart phone in the line-up, the M800, is practically the same device as the X800 but with a slide-out Qwerty pad for typing out long emails.

Click through for more information and pictures of the E-TEN X800 and M800.

Update: Full reviews of the E-TEN X600 and E-TEN X800 are now available on the site. -Andrew Lim

This is a side view of the X600, if you were wondering what 15mm looks like. As with most of the E-TEN products, it feels like a quality phone that could probably take a few knocks. The X600 will be out at the end of November and cost around £300.

This is the X800, a candybar smart phone with a large, crisp VGA display. E-TEN has added some red details around the X800, but what really gets our attention is what's on the inside -- particularly the GPS receiver and HSDPA.

As with all the new E-TEN handsets, the X800 features a 2-megapixel camera, which may not attract the megapixel maniacs but is fine for MMS messaging and small prints. The E-TEN X800 will be available in the next few weeks for about £370.

If you like the features on the X800 but really need a full Qwerty keypad, the M800 should fit the bill. You can see the sharp VGA display really makes a difference compared to a QVGA screen.

There it is -- a full Qwerty keypad with backlight and LED lights to indicate caps lock and function lock. We don't have an exact date or pricing for the M800, but we assume it will be available later this year.

Overall we were impressed with E-TEN's line-up, particularly the fast processors and VGA displays in the X800 and M800. That said, there's no denying these devices are very similar to some of HTC's handsets, but it's still good to see a small company trying to compete, even if the products aren't revolutionary.

One issue that came out of yesterday's press conference is that because of E-TEN's relatively small setup in the UK, getting a faulty phone fixed or replaced after the warranty has run out might take longer than expected. E-TEN assured us it's setting up a proper UK operation that will speed up customer support.