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Photo story: Behind the scenes at Napster UK

Crave took a sneak peek behind the scenes of online music site Napster. We found out why Napster considers itself the Sky TV of the online music industry, and what it really thinks of the iPod...

Crave recently took a peek behind the scenes of music subscription site Napster. The brand is famous for being one of the biggest early file-sharing services and for being forced to shut down. Then a few years ago it was relaunched as a legal download site and now sells subscriptions to an 'all-you-can-eat' music service.

On its visit to the Napster UK office, Crave spoke to Napster UK's vice president Leanne Sharman, who claimed Napster is the Sky TV of the online music industry and the "biggest brand in digital music".

She also gave her view on the company's competitors, claiming that consumers risk being trapped in the Apple environment and that "it's not all about the iPod any more".

To read Sharman's full comments and see exclusive photos of the inside of the Napster offices, check out the Napster photo story in our News section. -IM