Phone-as-modem tethering for the iPhone 3G

Phone-as-modem tethering for the iPhone 3G

Ben Wilson

Despite AT&T's lack of tethering services for the iPhone 3G, a group of intrepid developers has produced a viable method for using the phones as wireless modems for laptop or desktop computers. Note, however, that the process requires iPhones to be "jailbroken" (allowing unsupported read/write access to the filesystem) and stands in violation of AT&T's data plan agreements.

The basic process is as follows:

  • Jailbreak the iPhone
  • Install the applications 3Proxy and Terminal via Installer
  • Create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network using your computer
  • Join the ad-hoc network from your iPhone
  • Find the iPhone's IP address (tap the arrow next to the name of the Wi-Fi network to which your iPhone and look at the IP Address)
  • Use the Terminal to run the proxy program on the iPhone
  • Open Safari on your iPhone and navigate to any page
  • Configure your computer's browser to use the proxy

Complete steps are available here. Extended tethering use can drain the iPhone's battery fairly quickly; as such, users should keep the device powered via a USB cable while tethering. Also, note that AT&T could cancel or sanction your service if your account shows inordinate data transfer quantity.

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