Phab 2 Pro Tango phone and modular Moto Z: Everything Lenovo announced at its annual Tech World Conference

Lenovo unveiled the Phab2 Pro powered by Google Tango, the flagship Moto Z smartphone sans headphone jack, a collection of hot-swapping magnetic modular accessories, and more.

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Lenovo held its annual Tech World conference today in San Francisco with a live broadcast featuring Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, who took the stage to share his vision for the future and of course, to launch a handful of new cross-connected products including the Project Tango-enabled Phab2 Pro, the flagship Moto Z and a handful of hot-swapping magnetic modular accessories.

The big announcements

  • Lenovo partnered with Google to introduce the first phone with Google Tango: the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, a flagship device with a 6.4-inch Quad-HD display, 4GB of RAM and four cameras -- three of which are next-gen depth-sensing smart cams. The Phab2 Pro will be available globally for $499 (equivalent to £345 UK or AU$672) unlocked in September 2016.
  • If you're not a fan of Tango, you can plan to buy the Lenovo Phab2 Plus, an affordable Android phone with dual rear cameras. It'll be sold at $299 (£206, AU $401) and will be available worldwide in September.
  • Finally, the basic Lenovo Phab2 is the least expensive phone of this second generation of Lenovo phablets that will also sell worldwide in September, this one for $199 (£137, AU $267).
  • Lenovo also announced the next generation of Moto smartphones, the super-thin Moto Z that ditches the headphone jack and the enhanced Moto Z Force with a shatter-proof screen and a 15-hour battery life. These phones are coming this summer via Verizon exclusively in the US, and the Moto Z (but not Force) is going global with unlocked models in September.

Morph your Moto phone with Mod accessories

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  • The company also showed off Moto Mods, which are small modules for the Moto Z phones that you can easily snap on and off without turning off the phone.
  • Moto Mods coming soon include the Insta-Share Projector with a built-in battery and an adjustable angle, the JBL SoundBoost speaker, and Incipio Power Packs that extend the internal battery life an additional 22 hours. Tumi and Kate Spade also partnered with Lenovo to create custom designs for the Power Packs, and the Moto Mods will be available at the same time as both Moto smartphones in September.
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