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We're watching videos on our phones more than ever

A record high of 57 percent of video plays worldwide in the first quarter of 2017 were on phones, report shows.

Watching videos on your smartphone is very in.
Josh Miller/CNET

Screen size matters not, it seems, as more than half of us are now watching videos on our phones.

A record high of nearly 57 percent of video plays worldwide in the first quarter of this year came from mobile. The Asia Pacific region led the pack with 61 percent of mobile views, and in North America, slightly more than half of video plays came from mobile. These numbers were released by Ooyala, which provides video analytics services.

In particular, the report highlighted the Asia Pacific region as the largest growth in mobile video, which increased by 15 percent compared with the previous year. It also pointed out that videos over 20 minutes in length held the majority of viewer attention globally across all screen sizes.

"Adoption of mobile devices isn't slowing down, and consumers are as comfortable watching long-form content on smartphones and tablets as they are short clips," said Jim O'Neill, Ooyala's principal analyst.

It's no surprise we're getting our video fixes in the palm of our hand. Phones and tablets are easily-made into entertainment centers, and the mobile data we're eating up is huge -- take North American data consumption, expected to triple over the next five years.

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