Pay with PayPal in stores soon with help from Mastercard

Through a new deal with Mastercard, you'll be able to pay for goods in stores with PayPal cash.

PayPal wants its piece of the mobile payments action.

The road to mobile payments in the US has been bumpy. Perhaps a new deal between PayPal and Mastercard will help pave the way toward a truly smooth shopping experience via phones at retail.

PayPal, the digital wallet service of choice since the early days of e-commerce, has now entered a partnership with traditional payment processing firm Mastercard. The fruit of the collaboration, according to the companies, will be more opportunities to buy products with customers' PayPal accounts in brick-and-mortar establishments.

The world of mobile payments has been a fragmented one. For a few years now, phone makers, retailers and others have been keen on getting you to buy goods in stores with the wave of your phone at the point-of-sale system. But services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Walmart Pay have generally been limited to their makers' own devices, software or stores.