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Password auto-filling for Safari on iPhone

Password auto-filling for Safari on iPhone

Allowing Safari on the iPhone to remember login/password information, Agile Web Solutions has released an updated version of its Mac-only tool 1Password that sends a bookmarklet containing login/password data to the iPhone. Bookmarklets collectively represent a method for storing an entire set of HTML in a bookmark on the iPhone (in effect allowing 'Web apps' to live locally on the device) by utilizing the data: URL.

The new version of 1Passwordd syncs from login/password data from a Mac to an iPhone or iPod Touch ability to sync to iPhone/iTouch which will store all login information as a bookmarklet. When opened, this bookmarklet will allow automatic login into any website.

1Password's developer offers the following usage and security notes:

"After browsing to a password protected website that requires you to login, simply bring up the Bookmarks menu and select "1Password Logins" to bring up the 1Password AutoFill window [..]

"All the confidential information stored within the bookmarklet is encrypted using Strong Cryptography (448-bit Blowfish encryption) and can only be accessed once the correct Access Code is entered. The confidential information is decrypted within Safari on the iPhone and no communication with the 1Password web servers is required. Best of all, no iPhone hacks are required!"

It should be noted that this isn't the first iPhone password-storing bookmarklet to make a debut. Password Wallet offers similar but significantly more basic functionality, simply listing all password records.