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PandoraBox uncovers iPhone apps on sale

iPhone app PandoraBox shows you the latest iPhone apps that are free or on sale.

Like products in the real world, iPhone apps often go on sale. But those deals are hard to find and usually don't last long.

Free iPhone app PandoraBox can help you track down the latest and greatest sales on iPhone software.

On the surface, PandoraBox is similar to the App Store. You can search for software by name or browse by selecting among categories. The New Apps section points you to the latest software, while the What's Hot and Wish List sections display cool and popular apps. You can keep tabs on an app by adding it to a Favorites menu. PandoraBox also provides most of the standard details about an app. You'll see the full description, screenshots, ratings, and stats. If you want to read the user reviews or download a program, PandoraBox will lead you straight to the App Store itself.


The real secret inside PandoraBox is its virtual sales bin. The On Sale section in PandoraBox uncovers all apps that have dropped in price or are now free. Updated several times a day, the On Sale page shows you the original price crossed out and the new sale price. You can even switch the list between paid and free apps as you browse the sales bin.

I've found a lot of great apps on sale through PandoraBox, both free and low cost. I just picked up one app called Battery Magic for free (normally 99 cents) to keep tabs on my battery power, and another one called iProRecorder Premier for $2.99 (normally $4.99) to record high-quality audio.

Compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch, PandoraBox was developed by a small German company called AppZap. Led by IT consultant Dmitriy Glebenok, the AppZap team is composed of young developers who have designed other iPhone apps.

Released in March, PandoraBox has captured around 70,000 downloads. The AppZap team has already updated the program since its debut and promises more changes in the near future.