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Palm leaks Treo Pro photos and videos

Photos and videos of Palm's soon-to-be addition to its Windows Mobile smartphone lineup are all over the Internet on Tuesday morning after Palm posted, then quickly pulled, the images.

Palm's Treo Pro isn't quite official yet, but after two leaks, there's a lot of information out there already.

Palm jumped the gun on the introduction of the Treo Pro on Tuesday, briefly posting a few pictures and a video on its site before yanking them down.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whether you work in Palm's marketing department or if you're a Palm fanboy, the Internet captures all. Electronista and Slashgear grabbed the photos and video, which have since been scattered far and wide across the Web.

This happened just last week to Palm, when an internal presentation on the Treo Pro was inadvertently leaked. The long-awaited update to the company's Windows Mobile series of handsets is expected to arrive any day now, which should help Palm's bottom line.

The company is selling a bunch of low-cost Centro smartphones, but that doesn't appear to be helping Palm return to profitability. The Treo Pro will command a higher price than the $99 Centro, and will slide into Palm's lineup for enterprise customers.