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Oura Rings, In-Store Size Fittings Will Be Available at Best Buy

The partnership will make it easier for you to decide which ring size to get and whether the purchase is worth it.

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Jessica Rendall
Oura 3 rings next to a wedding ring
Scott Stein/CNET

Oura rings have made a splash in the wearables world. With their sleek design holding important health-tracking features, including temperature readings and sleep metrics, it's paved a way for wellness-curious users to get some holistic insight without the bulkier appearance of a smartwatch. 

But when you're making a big purchase (prices for an Oura ring start at $300), it's helpful to take a "test drive" to make sure you're comfortable with the feel of the wearable and that you're buying the correct size. You're now able to do this with Oura, after the company's Monday announcement that it'll start selling rings at Best Buy stores

While all Best Buy stores now have Oura rings available on their website, more than 250 locations across the US will have the rings in stock so customers can purchase it there if they choose. For the remaining locations, you can still get fitted/find your size and Best Buy will order it for in-store pick up. 

Oura says it'll stock its "top selling" rings at Best Buy, which include the Heritage ring in black color and Horizon rings in silver, stealth and gold. 

Oura advertises eight different ring sizes on its website. Rings start at $300 and prices go up depending on the style and color -- Oura also has a monthly subscription price of $6. Read the latest from CNET on Oura rings