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Otterbox Armor Series: New waterproof iPhone 4/4S case coming soon

Facing increased competition, Otterbox ups its game with an even tougher case.

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David Carnoy
The Armor Series ships June 24. No word on pricing yet. Otterbox

Otterbox has a teaser video out for a new iPhone 4/4S case that it says is the toughest case the company's ever made.

Set to ship June 24, the Armor Series case is dust proof, drop proof, waterproof, and apparently crush proof. No word on how much it will cost, but I'd been hoping Otterbox would have something new that offered increased protection while hopefully not adding any bulk.

Otterbox has been one of the big smartphone accessory success stories but it has faced increased competition from upstarts like Lifeproof that have put out more durable, slimmer cases that are also waterproof. The Armor Series has a waterproof "thermal plastic shell" and a "medical-grade" stainless-steel latch.

I'm curious to know whether this thing will allow you to shoot video underwater like the $80 Lifeproof case can. It'll also be interesting to see how the headphone jack is designed and whether you'll be able to plug in a standard headphone plug.

As soon as I get my hands on one, I'll let you know how the new Armor Series case stacks up. For now, check out the teaser video below.

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