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Other Pre Users Speak Out: Part III

I asked Pre users at PreCentral.net what they would say to Sprint/Palm about their user experiences if they had the opportunity, and here's some of what they said.

I asked Pre users at PreCentral.net what they would say to Sprint/Palm about their user experiences if they had the opportunity, and here's some of what they said.
Jim Travis

Pre user "neodorian" has the following to say:

Coverage is good and the OS is nice. Get a move on with the SDK and take a long hard look at build quality issues because those folks who end up with hardware issues form a very vocal minority who can ruin the reputation of the device. It's always worth spending more on quality control because the alternative is a device with a bad reputation based on a minority of devices being flawed. Compared to the elephant in the room, hardware quality and app availability are the only cons. OS, synergy, cost of Sprint plans, real QWERTY, and multitasking are all excellent.

Pre user "fwinst" explains:

Coming from the 755p, I really like the size and feel of the phone. WebOS is a great platform. The phone is easy to use and learn.

1. Build quality is an issue, if only for some. As stated in another post, there is a VERY vocal minority.

2. Battery life and fit are a serious issue. Don't ignore them, or deny their existence. Make sure all your techs know about the issues. I've heard of some Techs that have a fix for the battery fit issue (bending out prongs to make better contact), they need to share that with ALL Sprint Techs.

3. Get moving on apps that might have a real impact for business users.

4. Fix the issue with alternate sounds for emails, messages, alerts, etc.

5. Find a way to allow users to delete/organize contacts from facebook, etc.

6. Give us more control over when a calendar event will alert us.

7. Most importantly, don't wait until the next webOS device comes out to address these issues. That would definately hurt Sprints sales.

I know most of this is really a Palm issue. However, since Sprint has the exclusive at this time, it would be nice if they could exert a bit of pressure on their partner.

Pre user "cardfan" suggests:

I'd say roll out the 4G sooner than later. And be more open to tethering, streaming apps, etc.

User "kuhawksr1" reports the following:

1.The improvements they've made (trying to make) re: the customer experience are noticable.

2. Maintain pricing advantage for voice/data services.

3. Their launch partner, Palm, had some minor (in the grand scheme) quality control problems that appear to be diminishing given recent posts on forums.

4. We realize Sprint doesn't control the timing of the release of the SDK but they need to keep heat on Palm as apps are what will drive data usage which is a competitive advantage for Sprint ... now network performs better than others.

5. Internal supply chain appears to have performed well given daily replenishment of stores. Palm controls production volume, Sprint controls getting finished goods to retail distribution points (I believe). Kudos for managing tight supply pretty well.

Pre user "nitrogen76" explains:

Love the phone, hate the service. I get no service in my new office, and will be returning my pre today because of it. AT&T, Tmobile, and Verizon all provide service with full bars. Only sprint seems to lack here, and I don't know why. I'll miss it.

And "wordweaver" pleads (echoing many, many others on the forums at Pre Central):

I would like to tell Sprint that not every customer wants to be FORCED to keep the NASCAR eyesore of an app on their pre. Give us a way to delete the freakin' thing without having to root/hack it outta there. Other than that, I have been happy with most things Sprint related.

Finally, "groovy" asks, "Anyone want tethering?"

That concludes the collection of responses I received. Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for input!