Orange, TalkTalk and BT Vision are worst for complaints

Virgin customers are some of the happiest, according to Ofcom compaints, while Orange, TalkTalk and BT Vision are worst.

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Virgin and O2 customers are some of the happiest around, while those of you on Orange, TalkTalk and BT Vision are tearing out your hair. That's according to the latest complaints figures from telecoms watchdog Ofcom.

Ofcom has totted up the number of recent complaints about the major telecoms services, Internet service providers, and pay-TV companies. Between January and March 2013, the total number of gripes actually fell slightly, due to a reduction in moaning about mobile phone contracts.

T-Mobile, Orange and Three all generated an above-average amount of grousing about their mobile phone services. O2 prompted fewest complaints, while Virgin continued to close the gap from second place.

Orange, which is part of EE, was responsible for the most complaints related to broadband, mostly about service issues or switching ISPs. Virgin created the least dissatisfaction about both mobiles and landlines.

Six times more complaints than average 

In the realm of paid TV services, BT Vision prompted the most complaints, a whopping six times greater than the average.

Sky had the lowest number of TV complaints, closely followed by Virgin.

We should note that these are complaints that reached Ofcom. Those companies that did well in these figures didn't necessarily have a better service, they could just be better at sorting out their customers' grievances before the grumbles got out of hand and went up to Ofcom.

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Who does your broadband, TV and phone, and what are they like? Are Virgin and Sky as good as these figures suggest -- and are Orange, TalkTalk and BT Vision? Tell me about your good and bad experiences in the comments or on our Facebook wall.