Orange SPV M600: Tiny Wi-Fi dancer

The M600 is the upgraded version of the popular M500 -- this time you get Wi-Fi and EDGE support, so you can browse the Web at your convenience

Andrew Lim

According to sources at Orange, the Wi-Fi enabled SPV M600 will be launched next week. You'd be forgiven for thinking the M600 was actually an Orange SPV M500, since they're the same size and look almost identical from the front, aside from the slightly different buttons.

However, once you spend some time with this little touchscreen blighter, you'll notice that it's really a wolf in sheep's clothing. For instance, unlike its humble predecessor, it features quad-band, 802.11b and 802.11g Wi-Fi, it runs on Windows Mobile 5.0, has a 2-megapixel camera and EDGE technology, which is supported by Orange and will let you surf the Web at speeds of up to of 474Kbps, at least in theory.

There's also around 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM and an SD/MMC card expansion slot, so you won't lack memory for photos, data and MP3s. Indeed, considering it's about the same size as a video iPod, this is an impressively compact device. But before you go and buy one, keep in mind that the screen isn't as large as the Orange SPV M5000. Browsing the Web might not be as enjoyable and some pages might appear squashed -- but then again, at least you can fit the M600 in your pocket.

The M600 will be free on tariffs from £35 upwards and only £7 on £30 tariffs. SIM-free, the handset will be in the region of £230. Expect a full review soon. -AL