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Orange may offer Android 'within three months': HTC Hero anyone?

Orange's head of devices has confirmed the network will launch its first Android phone later this year, and hopes it will be within the next three months. Could this be the HTC Hero?

Android phones are the second hottest ticket in town -- T-Mobile's got one, Vodafone's got one, now it seems Orange could get one. And possibly within the next three months. Rumoured to be the massive-chinned HTC Hero (cape sold separately), this would be Orange's first Android phone in the UK.

Our sister site ZDNet UK's David Mayer had a good jaw with Yves Maitre, Orange's head of devices, who confirmed Orange would "definitely" launch an Android device in the UK. Within the next three months, perchance? "I hope so," Maitre answered.

No official announcement has been made about the Hero, but the blogs have been reposting some official-looking video advertisements for it. It's got a touchscreen, and leaked photos posted on the Android Community blog hint at it having -- wait for it, and have a 'hooray' ready -- a real 3.5mm headphone socket! That'll be a first for an Android device.

More news as we get it.