Phone screen always cracked? Oppo R11S comes with free repairs

Death, taxes and shattered phone screens are all facts of life. Oppo knows that and is offering six months of free screen repairs with its R11S phones.

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Companies have for years claimed their phones ' screens to be unbreakable. I still remember my HTC One X's allegedly invincible Gorilla Glass 3 that I managed to shatter in just a few months. Oppo isn't making that claim -- but is doing the next best thing.

The company is offering free screen repairs for its new R11S  and R11S Plus phones. You'll be insured for a six-month period after buying the phones, which are available through Optus, Vodafone and Virgin. The R11S costs AU$659 outright, while its bigger sibling will set you back AU$779.

"We have complete confidence that the screens are of the highest standard and durability," said Michael Tran, executive director at Oppo Australia. "However, even with screen protectors and cases, we know that accidents happen, which can be frustrating and costly for consumers. We hope this gives them added comfort, knowing that they're covered and a broken screen won't break the bank." 

Oppo has a repair centre in Sydney, which you'd send your phone to in the case of a screen crack. You'll also have the option to drop it off at an Optus, Vodafone or Virgin store if you get it through one of those telcos. 

Slowly etching a spot for itself in Australia, Oppo is one of the world's biggest phone brands thanks to its huge success in China. Three of China's six top-selling phones of 2017 were from Oppo, according to Counterpoint Research, helping the company become the fourth-biggest phone company of the year

The R11S, as its name implies, is an improved version of last year's R11 , a phone with terrific battery life and solid dual cameras. The new phone has much of the same guts, but with a bigger 6-inch screen. The Plus variant, meanwhile, comes with an even bigger 6.4-inch display.

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