OnePlus is bringing a 5G phone to Sprint 'soon'

A 5G OnePlus phone is coming to the US.

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A 5G OnePlus phone is coming to Sprint.

Angela Lang/CNET

OnePlus is bringing a 5G phone to the US, and  Sprint is helping it do it. The two companies announced that they would be collaborating Tuesday, but did not provide details on what the device will be. Instead, the companies are saying that more details will be "announced soon."

"We value OnePlus' reputation for balancing high-end quality at a great value," said Dow Draper, Sprint's chief commercial officer, in a press release. "This new smartphone gives Sprint customers another exciting option for accessing their True Mobile 5G experience."

OnePlus already sells a 5G version of its latest 7 Pro overseas, but only sells a 4G version of the phone in the US unlocked (for use on AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile's respective networks) as well as directly through  T-Mobile . Sprint has launched 5G in five cities, and has announced plans to launch in four more in the "coming weeks." 

T-Mobile, of course, is looking to finish its merger with Sprint, though it is unclear if the new phone will work with T-Mobile's 5G network in addition to Sprint's.

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