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OnePlus accidentally leaks hundreds of user email addresses, report says

Someone appears to have forgotten to hit bcc on a mass mailer.

OnePlus Nord
Juan Garzon/CNET

OnePlus reportedly exposed hundreds of customer email addresses this week when the company sent out a mass email regarding a research study, according to Android Police. Whoever sent the email appears to have forgotten to use bcc to hide the addresses. 

The leak was fairly minor compared to others, with just over 270 email addresses reportedly being exposed. It's likely the email was sent to customers who signed up for a OnePlus user experience survey following the 10.5.11 update. 

OnePlus didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Leaks of personal data have become all too common. Last year, security researchers found that the addresses and demographic details of more than 80 million US households were exposed on an unsecured database, and this past April, news emerged that millions of Facebook records had been exposed online in a public database.