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Is this the OnePlus 5T in the wild?

Someone may have inadvertently tweeted the unreleased phone.

Josh Miller/CNET

We know that the OnePlus 5T phone will happen, now the next big mystery is about what the phone will look like. Thanks to a Twitter post, we may have a clue.

Gamer Alessandro Palmarini tweeted a picture from the OnePlus booth at Paris Games Week. In the foreground of the picture we see a player holding a phone that looks similar to the rumored OnePlus 5T renders we've seen -- one without a fingerprint reader on the bottom. Could this be the 5T?

The OnePlus 5T has been rumored to get much thinner bezels, a larger 6-inch screen with a 18:9 aspect ratio and no fingerprint reader on the front. We zoomed into the phone in the image and see slim bezels and no fingerprint reader on the front. You can also faintly see the front facing camera in the top bezel slightly to the left. A tether snakes out from a hole in the table and appears to lead to the phone in question. To the right, another tether leads to a OnePlus 5

The device in question (center) is shown next to a OnePlus 5 (bottom right).

Alessandro Palmarini

While we can't say for sure that we've now glimpsed the OnePlus 5T, we do know that the phone is coming. On Thursday, OnePlus' CEO wrote a blog post about the 5T keeping the headphone jack, which confirms the phone's existence.

Other rumors claim that the 5T could be coming in late November, and with that timeframe getting closer and closer we may start seeing more pictures of the phone leak.

While we keep our eyes and ears open for new details, be sure to read our full OnePlus 5T rumor roundup here.

OnePlus, FNATIC and Alessandro Palmarini did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

[Via Gizmochina]

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