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The gold OnePlus 3 actually looks kind of...pale

OnePlus goes for the "soft gold" and freshens up its latest flagship phone with a subtle paint job.

Lynn La Senior Editor / Reviews - Phones
Lynn La covers mobile reviews and news. She previously wrote for The Sacramento Bee, Macworld and The Global Post.
Lynn La
Josh Miller/CNET
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Watch this: OnePlus 3 flaunts its luxe gold looks

Combining premium hardware and an affordable price tag, the much talked-about OnePlus 3 lived up to its hype and became one of our favorite phones of the year. Originally launched in silver, the $400 or £309 (which converts to about AU$590) handset now comes in gold...ish.

In lieu of a brazen yellow hue, this variant actually goes by "soft gold." It's a paler, subtler color that steers clear of the gaudy route (or as Chandler Bingwould call it, "A reject from the Mr. T collection").

Other than the new paint job, however, everything else is the same. It still has a 5.5-inch display, a swift Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB of RAM and a nimble 16-megapixel camera. If you're interested in the device, be aware that you might not get it right away due to its popularity. (Case in point, OnePlus will soon halt sales temporarily in 23 European countries due to high demand.)

To learn more about the handset, including photos and video of the original silver version, check out our full OnePlus 3 review.

Hey look! The OnePlus 3 comes in gold now

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