On Call: Yet another iPhone wish list

As we approach another Apple press event we can't help but wish for what new things we'd like to see on the iPhone.

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Kent German
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Hello, iPhone fans. We know that you're tingling with excitement at what Wednesday's Apple event will bring. Sure, the elusive tablet should grab the spotlight, but the iPhone may show its face during the infamous "one more thing" portion of the program. Will it be a new OS or will we get a whole new iPhone? Or maybe, just maybe, the iPhone will finally free itself of its AT&T shackles.

Unfortunately, we don't know what will happen until CEO Steve Jobs (we figure he wouldn't pass up this opportunity) takes the stage. And since plenty of speculation abounds, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to say what we'd like to see. After you've read our wish list, be sure to add your own in the comments.

File management
We need a way to better organize apps and files on the phone. Heck, even home screen folders like we get with Google Android would be nice. Even better, just give us an integrated file manager that's not an app.

FM radio
Yes, we know this is highly unlikely, but this is a wish list.

User-replaceable battery
This is unlikely, too, but we still don't like the idea of paying Apple to replace the battery and having to go without a phone during the process.

Apple proudly boasts that there's an "app for that," but with so many apps available, the iPhone needs to be able to run more than one simultaneously. The need is even more apparent now, as Palm WebOS and Android devices show us how it's done.

USB mass storage and file transfer
iTunes is great and we know that Apple likes to control the experience, but we should be able to transfer all files of our choice.

Flash support for the Web browser
At the iPhone 3.0 announcement last March, an Apple exec hinted we might get this in the future. Hopefully, it will come tomorrow.

We've been hearing about this for a while, as well. The functionality is there, but AT&T has to get around to supporting it.

A mark-as-read option
This would come in very handy when scrolling through a long list of new e-mails.

We love our multitouch, so why not expand it across more applications?

Outlook syncing for tasks
This is a relatively minor point, but it would be nice.

A Verizon iPhone
We'd accept T-Mobile, too, but Verizon would really make it interesting.