OMG it's OLED: Android Web tablets for devs

A range of sexy-looking Android tablet development platforms give us a glimpse of what's to come -- OLED screens and multi-touch, just to name a few

Flora Graham

Android tablets with capacitive OLED multi-touch screens could be in our futures, if Moto Development has its way.

Our friends at oled-display.net alerted us that the company has released a 127mm (5-inch) Android tablet. But it's only a development platform, so we won't see it in shops -- instead, developers can use it to design their new products without having to start from scratch. An 89mm (3.5-inch) version and a 245mm (10-inch) version are on their way.

Moto (no relation to Motorola, by the way) is calling the devices AMPs -- Android media platforms. The 127mm AMP features an 8-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an optional 3G chip to allow it to chuck data over the mobile network. It also has an accelerometer and a compass.

Moto suggests it would be suitable for a media player, navigation device or data terminal, and we would add robot-powered touch-friendly stunner to that list.

Development platforms are usually highy specced but pretty ugly, but Moto's version is only 14mm thick and looks as sexy as the Apple tablet in our fevered dreams -- but made all the better with the power of Google's Android operating system. 

We hope devices built on Moto's platform won't be saddled with the confusing user interface we saw on the Archos Android-powered media player. Get on it please, developers!