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Okwap S868: Mock-up iPhone interface becomes reality

Before the iPhone appeared, we were all wondering about the best way to offer an iPod-like scroll wheel with an ordinary mobile keyboard -- the Okwap S868 offers a solution

If you look at all the iPhone mock-ups that popped up on the Web pre-Jobs' announcement, it's easy to see why many people thought the iPhone would feature a traditional keypad with some kind of click wheel stuck next to it. Of course, it doesn't: it uses a touchscreen interface with multi-touch capabilities instead.

If you're disappointed, however, that Apple didn't use a traditional keypad with a click wheel, then take a look at the Okwap S868 (pictured). It's a Windows Mobile device that features an expandable SD slot, a 2-megapixel camera and, most importantly, a keypad with a click-wheel-style interface.

The pictures are posted on -- we're not sure about availability but we like what we see. The keypad is a normal layout with a built-in click wheel interface -- when you want to call or text someone you can press the keys, and to scroll through tracks you simply make a circular motion on top of it.

This isn't an iPod or an iPhone killer: the design, feature-set and Windows Mobile interface won't convert any Mac fans. It is, however, an interesting interface that would work well on a variety of phones and, crucially, make using a mobile phone with a built-in MP3 player much easier. -AL