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O2 tariffs for iPad 3G: 500MB for two pahnd! Getcher dater 'ere

You'll have the choice of one daily and two monthly data plans for the iPad 3G on the O2 network, starting at £2 for a day of surfing up to 500MB

Now that the iPad is available for pre-order in the UK, the tariff deals are flying fast and furious. Last week Orange announced its deals, and today O2 is offering three tasty tariffs.

O2 has a daily plan, which costs £2 for 500MB of data and only lasts one day, so you have to renew it for each day you want data. This is better value than Orange's £2-for-200MB daily plan, but O2 doesn't have the flexibility of a per-MB pay as you go option.

O2 also has two monthly plans. You can have 1GB of data for £10 or 3GB of data for £15. The monthly plans are recurring, and you must cancel within 24 hours of the end of the month to keep it from being automatically renewed for the next month. Here's a handy table:

O2 iPad tariffs

If you need more Internet juice, you can buy another 500MB for £2 on any of the three deals. You can also double your data on the monthly plans by paying another £10 for 1GB or £15 for 3GB. Orange, by comparison, offers 3GB for £15 or 10GB for £25.

All three plans also include access to Wi-Fi hotspots run by The Cloud and BT Openzone. 

Whatever the deal you choose, you'll need a special, half-sized SIM card called a micro SIM, which O2 is giving away for free at O2 stores or at -- it's not up and running yet, but in the meantime you can find more info on the O2 deal at

O2 tells us that buying data for your iPad will be easiest with its network because the top-up system will be built into the iPad's menus, whereas other networks will require calling or visiting a Web page. We haven't seen this in action, but we'll update when we've confirmed exactly how this is going to work.

O2 suffered from an overloaded network when it launched the iPhone in the UK -- would you trust it to keep your iPad 3G online? Let us know in the comments.