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O2 reveals iPhone 4 prices: Get a free iPhone 4 for just £1,170

O2 has revealed its iPhone 4 pricing. Find out how to get yourself a free iPhone, and how the deals stack up against Orange

O2 has revealed its prices for the iPhone 4, a day after Orange went public. O2's up-front cost of the phone is the same as its bright-futured rival for the 16GB model, but a tenner cheaper for the 32GB model. Although that's not counting the number of minutes, texts and data you'll get -- uh-oh, our head is hurting already. Time for some maths...

Like Orange, O2 is offering one option to net yourself a free iPhone 4, at the top of its range of tariffs. £65 for eighteen months, or £60 for two years gets you a gratis 16GB handset, which is a tenner per month cheaper than Orange for the same unlimited minutes and text deal -- and 1GB of data rather than 750Mb. That's a total of £1,170 over eighteen months or £1,440 for the two year contract.

SIM-only Simplicity tariffs are available, but not with a phone -- you'll have to either upgrade from your existing O2 contract or buy a SIM-free handset direct from Apple.


O2's tariffs look cheaper, and offer unlimited texts, but you have to pay at least £40 per month to compete with Orange's across-the-board 750Mb data cap.

Let's take the 16GB model on an 18-month, 500 minute, £35 tariff as an example. That's £630-worth of monthly payments. On O2, you'll pay £179 for the phone, costing you a total of £809. On Orange, you'll pay £50 more, over the course of the contract, but you get twice as many minutes and more data.

O2's tariffs for the iPhone 4 are the same as the tariffs for current models: 100, 300, 600, 900, 1200 or unlimited minutes, on eighteen or twenty-four month contracts, and one or twelve-months for SIM-only deals. The full details are in O2's handy graph, below.


Maths, eh? It's enough to make your head spin. We'll be crunching the numbers when all the networks announce their pricing, but in the meantime we need a lie-down. How are the deals shaping up to you, phone fans?