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O2 On & On package lets you call and text forever

O2's latest tariff On & On gives you unlimited texts and minutes from only £26. Perfect for when you want to talk to everyone on Earth.

Never want to stop talking? Text in your sleep? Great news for you then as O2 has announced its On & On package that offers unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data, SIM-only for £26 per month or £36 if you fancy a new phone with it.

The cheapest way to get the deal is to get the SIM by itself, simply popping it into your existing handset before trotting off to phone everyone you've ever met just because you can. That joy will cost you £26, which is probably worth the investment if you're an insufferable chatterbox. Alternatively, opt for the £36 per month option and snag a delicious Samsung Galaxy S2 with it, or one of my personal favourites, the Sony Xperia S or the Windows Phone-packing Nokia Lumia 800.

You'll get 1GB of data too, which should be plenty for most of your social networking needs. Just be careful if you make a habit of streaming Spotify while you're on a 3G connection -- that's a sure-fire way to eat up the data like Rich Trenholm eats burgers. If your phone allows it, you can also tether other devices like laptops to it, letting you piggyback on the 3G connection.

The usual bolt-ons for insurance and so forth are still present and correct, which you might want to factor in if you're getting a new phone with your new tariff -- replacing a top-of-the-range smart phone isn't a cheap thing to do. You also get access to O2's Priority Moments, which apparently gives you access to various coupons depending whereabouts you are. Our own Flora Graham tried that out and thoroughly enjoyed swimming into a sea of cocktails.

The contract is available on a 24-month basis so if, like me, you're a total gadget nerd who wants the latest phone a month after you've just got a new one, then I suggest opting for the SIM-only option. This way you can buy a new handset yourself each time you fancy a new one, rather than waiting two years to get something better and more shiny.

If you can't wait to call all the people capable of owning a phone and telling them your life history in excruciating detail, then head over to O2's website and set yourself up with a new contract. While you're at it, tell me in the comments below the top three things that have happened to you this week.