O2 4G kicks off free Premier League goals from The Sun

Sign up to O2 4G and you can watch a flood of top-flight football on your phone thanks to the super-soaraway Sun.

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Goal! Sign up to O2 4G and you can watch every goal scored in the Barclays Premier League, FA Cup, Scottish Premier League, and Rangers matches right on your phone or tablet, all thanks to the super-soaraway Sun.

If you go for an O2 4G Refresh contract with either 5GB or 8GB of data from today you get full access to The Sun -- including big game goals and highlights -- online and on your phone and tablet. The offer is open to new customers and existing O2 customers upgrading to a new contract.

The 5GB deal costs £22 per month and bags you six months of footballing action. The 8GB deal sets you back £27 but earns you a full year of sensational soccer.

Both deals save you the cost of signing up to the newspaper's online paywall Sun+, which is usually £8 per month.

O2's 4G network now covers 13 major cities and over 140 surrounding towns. Perks like this are proving important for O2 and rival Vodafone in catching up to the year-long headstart enjoyed by EE, Britain's first 4G LTE network. Vodafone, for example, gives away free access to Spotify.

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Image: premierleague.com