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NutriSleuth aims to make grocery shopping easier

A new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch goes beyond nutrition and calorie counting. NutriSleuth hopes to make it easier to shop for a family with multiple dietary needs.

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Of the many apps spotted at Appnation, one called NutriSleuth had a particular ring to it--a ring that called out to anyone with a bent on health and nutrition. Sadly, this iPhone and iPod Touch app isn't as generally useful as I initially thought, but it does provide some interesting and useful features for those who have to shop for multiple eaters with particular dietary concerns.

NutriSleuth uses your device's camera to scan the bar code on any food item in order to expediently test its compatibility with dietary profiles you've set in the app. So, if you're shopping for a family of four and one person is allergic to soy and another is a vegetarian, the program will quickly assess whether the package in your hand will be edible for both, either, or neither person. Various nutrition criteria from food allergies (egg, peanut) to health conditions (Crohn's Disease, diabetes) to lifestyle preferences (high fiber, kosher) are included to help you create just the right profiles for each person.

The app, which was due out in August but appears to still be under construction, doesn't need a Wi-Fi connection to work, and its database includes more than 200,000 food items, including top brands and more specialty items. Other features include a favorites list that lets you save your preferred food items, an alternative product choices list based on scanned items, and customizable severity levels for user profiles. Somewhat ridiculously, the app even offers dog and cat food products for pets with special needs. No word yet on how much the app will cost, but it's highly unlikely it will be free.