Nunchuks-style protective case makes you an iPhone ninja

Introduce your iPhone 6 to a whole new world of ninja-style acrobatic tricks with a case that slides and flips your phone.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Trick Cover
Phone case or ninja gear? You decide. Nitto

Novelty smartphone cases have become something of an art form. While the pinnacle already may have been reached with KFC Japan's fried-chicken drumstick case, there's still room for innovation. Take the Trick Cover iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case, for example. It's a slide-y, flip-y, floppy creation that allows you to perform one-handed, open-air phone acrobatics every time you take a call.

Not surprisingly, the Trick Cover also comes from Japan. It is on sale from the Nitto Products Shop for around $28 (about £19, AU$35) for the regular iPhone 6 version. What really brings the joyful nuttiness of this case to life is a video showing a power user performing tricks with an iPhone firmly ensconced in the gadget.

The case has a sliding rail system that lets the phone slide to the top edge, exposing the screen for use. It can then be slid back into place to cover it up. All of this is accompanied by a pleasing clicking noise as the case flips around. It won't automatically turn you into an iPhone-wielding Bruce Lee, but there's definitely an appealing novelty factor at work here.

Martial-arts fans will note that, despite the nunchaku advertising, the case is really a bit more like a butterfly knife than a set of nunchuks. There's no little chain in the middle to allow you to swing it around, catch it over your shoulder and take on a posse of zombie-ninja-assassins. Despite this shortcoming, your colleagues will no doubt be impressed when you whip this bad boy out of your pocket during a meeting, flip-flop it in the air above the conference table, and smugly take a call while shooting them a look that dares them to say anything about it.

(Via Fast Co. Design)