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Norway says no way to 3D Apple Maps

Apple has been refused permission to fly over Oslo in Norway to capture 3D images for the Maps app.

Apple has been refused permission for an Oslo flyover to capture 3D images of Norway for the Maps app.

Apple wants to capture aerial photography that could be used to create 3D imagery of the city, but will have to stick to 2D satellite pics.

The BBC reports Norway's National Security Authority and the city of Oslo discussed Apple's request, but turned down the plans because of security concerns.

Norway has tightened security around government buildings after a bomb planted by mass-murderer Anders Breivik killed eight people in 2011.

Apple still has satellite imagery to cover the area, but the results aren't as detailed as aerial photographs. Oslo remains only available in 2D.

Rival Google Maps has high resolution satellite photography of the city, and rudimentary isometric 3D buildings.

Apple's Maps app has courted controversy from day one: Apple ditched Google Maps on the iPhone and iPad for its own half-baked app last year, stuffed with data so woefully out-of-date that Apple boss Tim Cook was forced to take the unusual step of issuing a public apology. In a bid to improve the own-brand mapping app, Apple recently bought location data company Locationary to ensure data was both correct and up to date.

Is the Norwegian government right to block technology that could be used by those who wish to do harm, or does the public have a right to this kind of information? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or fly over our Facebook wall.