Nokia's Ovi Store comes to AT&T

The smartphone maker's application and content store is extended to the U.S. carrier's Nokia device-carrying customers, a move announced in May.

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Marguerite Reardon

Updated 1/6/10 12:55 p.m. PT: More up to date information on where the Nokia Ovi store is offered has been added to this story.

LAS VEGAS--Nokia on Wednesday said its Ovi application and mobile-content store is now available in the United States for AT&T wireless customers.

Consumers using Nokia devices such as the E71x, the Surge, the Mural, the 6650, the 6555, and the 6350 are now able to download free and paid content from the Ovi Store. Paid content will be billed directly to their AT&T bill. Nokia said more devices soon coming to AT&T's network will be able to access the Ovi Store.

Nokia announced in May that AT&T would make the Ovi Store available. AT&T customers will be able to access the Ovi Store via their Nokia phone's browser. They then can download the store and to download content such as games, ringtones, productivity applications, and movie trailers.

The Ovi storefront is now up and running in 17 countries: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, UK, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Poland. And as of May, it had an addressable base of an estimated 50 million Nokia users and currently works on more than 100 Nokia phone models, including the flagship Nokia N97.