Nokia X7 coming to Three next month

Three is the first UK network to publicise the Nokia X7, adding it to its "coming soon" web page with a June date.

Andy Merrett
Andy Merrett has been using mobile phones since the days when they only made voice calls. Since then he has worked his way through a huge number of Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson models. Andy is a freelance writer and is not an employee of CNET.
Andy Merrett
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Three is planning to stock the Nokia X7, helpfully updating its "coming soon" page to reflect the fact. Sitting next to the HTC Flyer, which launched today, it's scheduled for a June launch along with the HTC Sensation -- which everyone wants to sell.

Ever since last year's leak we've been anticipating its rival-killing credentials. Don't be too worried about its Symbian roots, as Nokia is still breathing life into the old dog despite some shaky moments.

Though we haven't got our mitts on it yet, we're pretty happy with the X7's spec sheet. That lovely widescreen 4-inch AMOLED screen is a beauty, while the 8-megapixel camera -- fast becoming a mobile-standard -- features a dual-LED flash and 720p high-definition recording.

It may not be the fastest critter around, as it has 'only' a 680MHz processor (we've been getting used to typing 'GHz' for mobile processor speeds of late), but all the other newfangled bits you'd expect are on board too -- GPS, accelerometer and Wi-Fi. What do you mean, you want a compass?

The updated version of Symbian (named after a woman, Anna, rather than a dessert) will include a better interface, a portrait Qwerty keyboard (for those who love narrow touchscreen keys), Ovi Maps and social-media integration. It will be interesting to see how the X7 and other Symbian-based phones fare against the company's new Windows Phones and MeeGo devices.

There's no word on pricing, contracts or other networks yet, but you can be sure there'll be a rush on soon enough. When we find out we'll let you know.