Nokia X1-00 costs less than 30 quid but its speaker will rattle your windows

The wait goes on for Nokia's first Windows Phones to make their debut, but the company still has some other tricks up its sleeves -- the X1-00 is its latest music handset.

Stuart Dredge
2 min read

The wait goes on for Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 smart phones to make their debut, but the company still has some other tricks up its capacious Finnish sleeves. The X1-00 is its latest music-focused handset, and while it's unlikely to go on sale here in the UK, it still has some interesting features.

Nokia says the orange phone is aimed at "music lovers and the next billion", with a SIM-free price of €35 (around £30) designed to make it affordable for people in the developing world. Which is frankly a relief, because if British teenagers ever get their hands on the device, public transport will become even more hellish.

We'll explain. The X1-00 has a meaty speaker on the back that's rated at 106phon -- a measure of how loud it sounds. "106 of them is enough to rattle your window frames, apparently," explains the Nokia Conversations blog. "The frequency response has been tweaked somewhat, though, so that the sound remains undistorted at higher volumes, unlike most mobile phones."

See what we mean? A gang of teens pumping out tunes on the X1-00 would be enough to clear a bus in seconds.

The handset comes with a built-in torch and a claimed battery life of 61 days' standby time. There are also five phone books, with the aim of catering to families who want to share the device between them.

Or as the blog explains: "Less than €35 isn't very expensive for people in western markets, but if you can divide that five ways, then it becomes accessible to people for whom that's nearly a month's salary."

The X1-00 isn't a Symbian phone, and it's not even a Series 40 phone: the handset runs the most basic Series 30 OS. No, there most certainly ain't apps for that.