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Nokia Treasure Tag tries to keep your valuables safe

The device pairs with a Lumia handset via near-field communication and alerts owners when they leave the house without tagged items.

Nokia's Treasure Tags
Nokia's Treasure Tags

Nokia on Wednesday unveiled a new mobile accessory designed to limit your chances of losing something valuable.

Dubbed the Nokia Treasure Tag, the match box-sized accessory connects to Lumia devices via near-field communication or Bluetooth low energy. You can attach the tag to anything of value -- keys or a wallet are the examples Nokia offered up.

Nokia explained, that as you leave the house your Lumia device, the Treasure Tag emits an alert to inform that you've left your keys or wallet (or whatever item you've tagged) behind. The tone will continue to sound until the Treasure Tag has been discovered. The same happens if you leave your house with a tagged item in hand, but you forget to grab your Lumia. Nokia added that you can also locate your tagged item on a map via the Nokia Treasure Tag app if you miss the alert.

The Treasure Tag app, available in the Windows Phone Store, automatically tracks the tagged items and shows their locations on your Lumia handset. Up to four Treasure Tags can be used at the same time.

The main thrust of the device seems to be keys. When leaving the house or any other place, folks typically have their keys and mobile phones in-hand. But we've all forgotten our keys (or wallet or purse) from time to time. Treasure Tag tries to solve the problem of forgotten or lost accessories.

Nokia's Treasure Tag is hitting store shelves globally in April. It'll cost $29.90 at launch.