Nokia Sea Ray flaunts sexy curves, Windows Phone in new video

Nokia's wonderfully named Sea Ray appears again in a hands-on video sporting Windows Phone Mango and near identical looks to its sexy sibling the N9.

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Andrew Lanxon
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We were very excited to get our paws on the curvy goodness of the Nokia N9 but were as excited about its MeeGo operating system as we are about repainting our fence. Mercifully, a close relative of the N9, called the Sea Ray, has surfaced sporting Windows Phone Mango, and we can take a close look at it in this hands-on video straight out of the development factory.

The video -- shown on wpcentral -- shows the Sea Ray (not to be confused with a stingray, Blu-ray or X-ray) being carefully handled by a bloke who just can't wait to show off the Windows Phone Mango held within.

The Sea Ray itself looks remarkably similar to the Nokia N9 we were introduced to earlier this year -- it has the same sleek "pillow-shaped" design with a curved Gorilla Glass touchscreen that takes up the whole front of the device. Like the N9, the Sea Ray has done away with physical front buttons. The only ones you'll find are on the side for volume controls and a camera shutter button.

The flash on the back seems to be in a different place to the N9, which may indicate that the camera itself will be different. We hope not though -- the N9's camera, with its wide f/2.2 aperture and 8-megapixel sensor, was rather attractive.

We're very happy to see Windows Phone Mango on the new device though. The N9 is due to run Nokia's MeeGo operating system -- it may look like a fairly swish piece of software but the N9 is probably going to be the only phone to run it, so updates will be pretty scarce and you can forget about a well-stocked app store. Mango is a much riper option and will give us our first taste of Windows Phone running on a Nokia handset. Colour us excited.

There's no word on when we're likely to see this phone in stores, but it looks like a fairly finished product so we wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement soon.

If you want to Sea Ray (see what we did there?), check out the video below and leave us your thoughts in the comments or over on our official Facebook page.