Nokia Sabre is first Nokia Windows Phone, plus Samsung Yukon and Wembley

The first Nokia Windows Phones will be the Nokia Sabre and Nokia Searay, according to Microsoft.

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The first Nokia Windows Phones will be the Nokia Sabre and Nokia Searay. That's according to a slip of the keyboard from Microsoft, which accidentally revealed the names of the Sabre and Searay -- or Sea Ray? -- as well as phones to be named the Samsung Yukon and Samsung Wembley.

Eagle-eyed entrants to a Canadian competition spotted the phones in the terms and conditions. The rules of the competition named the phones as examples of which phone you could win should you be triumphant in the Mango app challenge.

The terms have since been edited to remove the name-dropping, but you can see them here anyway. They do still say the estimated retail value of the phone prize is $600, which converts from Canuck currency to about £370.

If you're a Canadian reader and you're interested in entering the contest, Microsoft wants you to design two great apps for Mango, the latest version of Windows Phone. That's right -- not one, but two. We'd say that was too hard and no-one stands a chance, but if there's one thing we know about Canadians it's that they always get their Mango.

The name Searay will be familiar to anyone hotly anticipating Nokia's first dance with Microsoft: it's the name of the prototype shown off by Nokia's boss a little while ago.

The prototype looked to be the same shell as the doomed Nokia N9, which used MeeGo software and so far hasn't made it to the UK or many other major phone markets. Whether the Searay will keep that form remains to be seen, and if it does it's tempting to see the N9 as a dry run for Searay and its ilk.

We also heard the names of two new phones from Samsung: the Yukon and Wembley. We don't know anything about the phones themselves, but they're curiously local names -- the Yukon is the smallest Canadian territory, named after the famous river, and Wembley is a town in Northern Alberta.

Perhaps these are local names, and when those phones come to the UK they'll be rechristened with equivalent British names. Any suggestions for Samsung? We want to see the Samsung Rutland and Samsung Huddersfield.

We'll hopefully find out more at Nokia World at the end of October in London. CNET UK will be on the ground for all the up to the minute news and previews. What do you think of the names? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.