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Nokia readies major smartphone camera reveal July 11

Mark your calendars for July 11, Nokia fans. The company hints at yet another Lumia smartphone with an even more robust camera.

Nokia's mystery event takes place July 11 in New York.

Nokia fans, prepare yourself for...something. On Thursday, the Finnish maker of Windows Phone devices invited press to a New York launch event on July 11, promising that the phone maker would "reinvent zoom."

Although the invite teases nothing about a camera, I'm putting my money on another Lumia smartphone, this time, perhaps with the PureView camera zoom lens we've all been waiting for since Nokia first wowed us two years ago with its 41-megapixel monster.

Recent rumors point to a phone code-named Eos that includes a zooming camera lens, though some point out that the leaked images could be suspect.

At any rate, Nokia is clearly ready to make a larger camera play than ever before, whether that occurs in July in New York or closer to the holiday season. The timing is key, and not only because Nokia has taken its time translating its megapixel power from the Symbian-based 808 PureView to a Lumia Windows phone. By introducing a powerhouse smartphone camera, Nokia is also in a position to take on Samsung when it comes to true smartphone-camera hybrids.

On Wednesday, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, a Galaxy S4 device with a 16-megapixel lens equipped for 10x zoom capacity.

Whatever Nokia reveals in a few weeks, CNET will be on the ground in New York to bring you all the news.