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Nokia plans 6-inch Windows Phone, claims report

The company is currently testing the huge phone with an eye toward release later this year, reports The Verge.

Is Nokia planning a big-screen Windows Phone handset?
Is Nokia planning a big-screen Windows Phone handset?

Nokia may be prepping a supersized Windows Phone handset.

The Finnish phone maker is testing a Windows Phone device with a 6-inch display, according to the folks at The Verge. Citing "sources familiar with Nokia's plans," The Verge reported on Monday that Nokia is eyeing a launch date later this year, certainly by the end of the year.

The big phone, codenamed Bandit, will be powered by a Qualcom Snapdragon quad-core processor and offer a 1080p display. Bandit could be the first of many potential 1080p Windows Phone handsets from Nokia, according to The Verge's sources.

Considered thin and light, the new phone will be built with a polycarbonate body and offer a 20-megapixel rear camera.

CNET contacted Nokia for comment and will update the story with any further information.

Assuming The Verge's sources are accurate, Nokia would definitely be moving into phablet territory with a 6-inch device. Samsung's Galaxy Mega offers a display size of 6.3 inches, encroaching closer to the 7-inch screen size adopted by small tablets such as the Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab.