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Nokia Normandy Android phone leaks again, Lumia 929 too

New pictures of the rumoured Nokia Normandy Android phone have leaked -- as well as a rumoured Lumia 929.

It looks like Nokia has plans for a Norman conquest as new pictures of the rumoured Nokia Normandy Android phone leak -- as well as a rumoured Lumia 929 too.

The new photo comes courtesy of prolific leaker @evleaks and shows what's purported to be the Nokia Normandy in an assortment of bright Lumia-like colours. As well as the red revealed in a previous leak, the phone appears clad in black, white, blue, yellow and a neon green.

The phone also appears to have one capacitative button beneath the screen, which takes the form of a back button.

Word on the street is that the Normandy is powered by an adapted version of Android. The software is reported to be a special forked version of Android -- as in, it follows a forked path with a different design from the Android we know. Amazon does something similar with Android software in the Kindle Fire tablets, which have a completely customised interface designed to point you towards Amazon's own services.

If true, it's certainly an interesting departure for Nokia; the Finnish company has been bought by Microsoft and has so far committed entirely to Android rival Windows Phone. A Nokia spokesperson previously declined to comment on the speculation, but watch this space.

Meanwhile a new Windows Phone appears to have been leaked by an accessories manufacturer. Wireless Ground is showing off a case for a Nokia Lumia 929, a phone that hasn't yet been officially unveiled.

Should Nokia go Android or would that be admitting Windows Phone is a failure? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.