Nokia N900 portrayed as nutso transformer -- by Nokia

The Nokia N900 features in a creepy new video from Nokia that hints at its features in a new way -- by portraying it as a shape-shifting psycho

Flora Graham

Nokia is hinting at the upcoming Nokia N900, through the medium of YouTube oddness. Its teaser video makes it look like the phone could decide to chew its way through your trousers and stab you in the earhole. We like it.

We've already seen a prototype Nokia N900, and it's a slick-looking, speedy-moving fox. The phone has the Linux-based Maemo operating system and an ARM processor that gives it a user interface that's more responsive and 3D-looking than the disappointing Nokia N97.

Nokia announced that the first N900s have left the factory and are winging their way to us now, so stay tuned for our full review.